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Friday, 1 February 2013

FANTASY FRIDAYS: Disneyland - The happiest place on Earth!

Disneyland.  Photo courtesy of Disneyland official website.

One day me and the fam will take a holiday with Mickey at Disneyland Resort.  Sounds like every family does it, and I'm pretty sure my kids will one day reprimand me for neglect if we don't. Also sounds like a family vacation that will be filled with fun and memories.  My daughter will love breakfast with disney characters, and my son will love subjecting a terrified mum to some death-defying roller-coaster torture.

With 160 acres in sunny California, over 600 million visitors since its opening in 1955, and the magical Sleeping Beauty Castle as its centerpiece, its no wonder this is one of the top holiday destinations in the world.  And in case I was in any doubt why I should holiday at Disneyland, their official website cleared it up for me - Disneyland is "The happiest place on Earth".

Can't argue with that - The happiest place on Earth definitely deserves a place on my Fantasy Friday list!

Visit the Disneyland official website

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